We Stand Against Mountaintop Removal – From the E3 Committee

SOCM stands with communities in opposition to the coal mining  process called Mountaintop Removal [MTR]. MTR is one of the most violent and visually striking attacks on Southern Appalachian Ecology, History and Communities. This extreme form of strip mining is being increasingly relied upon by major coal companies in an effort to reduce labor costs and increase profits at the cost of the people and health of the communities in Southern Appalachia.

In short, the mountaintop removal process is one of stripping the land of timber, blowing up the tops of the mountains, removing the seams of coal and dumping the rubble in neighboring valleys, destroying irreplaceable headwater streams. The MTR process leaves mountain communities with a stark, polluted landscape, decimated economies and a vast array of chronic physical ailments.

Partnering with communities, you and SOCM will end mountaintop removal!

Resources on Mountaintop Removal:

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