SOCM Energy Efficiency Stories: Wayne and Nancy’s Story

By Wayne and Nancy Self

With energy costs continually rising, we have done a lot to weatherproof our home. We have a hot water heater blanket, insulated pipes, put additional insulation in the attic, and turned down the hot water heater.

All of these things have really helped, but one thing that stood out the most was installing a programmable thermostat in our home. Since we both work, it made sense to turn the heat down during the day as asll as at night, but we were always forgetting. The programmable thermostat allows us to set it so that the furnace turns on early in the morning to warm the house and then off when we leave for work. The thermostat turns back on before we come home so the house is comfortable in the evening.

Programmable thermostats are only about $30 from Lowe’s or Home Depot and can be installed by anyone with limited knowledge of mechanics. The price is definitely right, the effort minimal, and the return on investment substantial!

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