SOCM Energy Efficiency Stories: Jean’s Story

Cumberland County SOCM member Jean Cheely is excited to share her electric bill with us. Your eyes are not deceiving you; her bill is negative. That’s right- her distributor, Volunteer Energy Cooperative, owed her money!

Jean has solar panels on her home and has some advice for others interested in solar power. She says if she were to do it again, she would have chosen to connect her panels in series to one inverter rather than having each connected to a microinverter. Inverters are used to convert the power generated by the panels into frequency safe to plug into the electrical grid.

She also would not have spent extra money on a computer system to monitor the production of each panel on her computer. She says she personally never uses the feature.

If she had done these things differently, it would have saved her nearly $2,000 on the total cost of her system. “My pay back period would have been 6-7 years rather than 8-9 years,” said Jean. “Either way, I take much pride in promoting green power production to my neighbors. That is worth a lot.”




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