Ann League

Executive Director

Ann joined the SOCM staff as Executive Director in January 2015.  Ann originally joined SOCM as a member in 2001 fighting the destructive MTR site on Zeb Mountain. She served a term as Vice-President of the SOCM Board before becoming a SOCM organizer in 2009, where she staffed a number of chapters and committees.

She was born in Seneca, S.C., and moved to Tennessee when she was seventeen. Ann holds an Associate’s degree in AutoCAD Technology.


Linda Cowan

Director of Finance, Development and Operations

Linda joined the SOCM staff in 1993 as the Office and Finance Manager. Since then she has served in a variety of positions that have culminated in her current job. SOCM has stretched her, challenged her, and afforded her with opportunities for immeasurable growth. The passion and dedication of SOCM’s membership is what keeps her motivated and willing to step up along side members when needed.

As a Navy brat, Linda experienced a variety of cultures while living up and down the east and west coasts. She is the oldest of seven siblings and is the proud aunt of six nieces and four nephews who work really hard to keep her young.


Adam Hughes

East Tennessee Community Organizer

Adam Hughes joined the SOCM staff in November 2014 as the East Tennessee Organizer. He currently lives in Knoxville, where he serves on the board of the Birdhouse Neighborhood Center. 

Prior to joining SOCM, he was active in organizing against strip-mining, opposing the funding of mountaintop removal with Hands off Appalachia and training new organizers on the Mountain Justice camp planning collective.  Adam studied economics and music at Brandeis University, where he was elected a Student Representative to the Board of Trustees.  While at Brandeis, he co-founded Innermost Labs, LLC to design mobile applications for non-profit groups.


Caroline Ford

Middle Tennessee Community Organizer

Caroline Ford joined the SOCM’s staff in July 2018 as the Middle Tennessee Organizer. Previously, they were the chair of SOCM’s Rutherford County Chapter, where they focused on solid waste issues, sustainability, and voter access.

Before joining our staff, Caroline was an organizer for both Women’s March Tennessee and the Tennessee Anti-Racist Network. They also worked with various organizations across the nation on food insecurity, homelessness, income inequality, consumer protection, sustainability, LGBTQIA+ issues, and more.

Caroline has a background in graphic design and social media management and has assisted a wide array of community organizations and campaigns.