“Who’s Paying Their Fair Share?”

SOCM Land Study from 1991

SOCM released this study of land and mineral taxation in fourteen East Tennessee counties in September, 1991.


LUM Talking Points and How to Comment

North Cumberland Lands Unsuitable for Mining

The Office of Surface Mining is currently taking comments on the draft Environmental Impact Statement on the State of Tennessee’s Lands Unsuitable for Mining Petition for the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area.  This action could protect over 67,000 acres of Tennessee mountains.  We need your support to make the LUM declaration as strong as possible.


Joint Comments on Kingston Dropout Mitigation Plan

SOCM joined with allied organizations to submit these joint comments on the Dropout Mitigation Plan on the proposed modification which would allow the existing landfill to accept coal ash.


SOCM SJC Powerpoint final

The Social Justice Committee’s informative powerpoint presentation on education justice.


Proposed Kingston Coal Ash Landfill Modification

SOCM member Jean Cheely prepared this packet on the proposed modification to the Kingston landfill to accept coal ash.  She presented it to each member of the TVA Board at one of their regularly scheduled board meetings.  It contains:

  • An aerial photograph of the landfill site
  • A public comment from the Roane County Environmental Review Board
  • A hydrogeologic report on the permit modification that SOCM signed on to
  • The joint comments that SOCM submitted with allied groups
  • A scan of the original notice of the December 2014 hearing


Heads Up on Headwaters

white paper on water quality

An informative paper on the importance of headwater streams and seeps and the damage wrought by strip mining.


Stalking the “Secret Squirrel”

Article on SOCM’s First President JW Bradley

SOCM member Boomer Winfrey wrote this article for the SOCM Sentinel about the campaign to expose illegal layer-loading by strip miners.  The article features the “Secret Squirrel” — JW Bradley, SOCM’s inaugural President.