Our member resources section is a haven for members who want to learn more about SOCM, familiarize themselves with the responsibilities of membership, and receive guidance in fundraising, organizing, or taking action in their communities. Browse the different sections below for an overview of our content:

Member Responsibilities 

You have the responsibility to pay your dues.

We all pay dues so we can have a strong, independent organization which really works for our interests

You have the responsibility to support other SOCM members and SOCM events.

SOCM members look out for each other. We all have different amounts of time and energy to contribute. But it is important that we all try to respond if we’re asked to write a letter, attend a hearing, or generally support each other.

Fundraising goals are part of your work with SOCM.

Every chapter host creative fundraising events and campaigns that help support their work and continues SOCM’s presence in Tennessee.

The Iron Rule.

The Iron Rule of organizing states: “Never do for people what they can do for themselves.” The challenge for members is to take on those tasks which increase their own leadership skills and ownership of the group, but also free staff to do more new organizing.