Maury County Chapter Summer Update

After a major win in Mt. Pleasant earlier this year, the Maury Chapter is moving ahead with some big plans. Our chapter first launched organizing work in the city after the municipal government mismanaged a water treatment project and tried to pass off the debt to residents. Folks came together and pushed back, winning reductions in water rates at the beginning of the year. But this was unfortunately just one example from years of government mismanagement in Mt. Pleasant. Some of city’s elected leaders have for years taken advantage of the local community by misusing city money and intimidating those who spoke out against it. Now Maury members are tackling the root of these abuses by launching a petition drive to remove unaccountable city leaders from office.

The Maury Chapter is pushing ahead with the Mt. Pleasant campaign, but we are also turning our focus to Columbia, the county seat. On Saturday, June 27th, we will be holding a public meeting that will bring together SOCM members, allies, and local residents to select an issue to organize around in Columbia. We are reaching out to local churches and community organizations in order to kick off a new campaign and build the chapter’s base in this important city. SOCM members from the Knoxville Chapter will also be joining to help facilitate this campaign selection process. Stay tuned for more details of the meeting and contact Chapter Chair Dwight Green at 931-379-7952 for more information!

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