Jackson Chapter Works to Register Voters

The Jackson Chapter worked with 96 KIX, a local radio station, to do bi-weekly Voter Registration Block parties. At the block parties, SOCM members registered voters, conducted community research, and spread the word about SOCM. They registered over 90 people after just two block parties! The block parties were incredibly successful and a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Jackson Chapter Chair, Martha White, works to make sure Jackson citizens register to vote.

SOCM was featured in CommonCause.org’s “Got ID- Helping Americans Get Voter Identification,” best practices guide because of the Jackson Chapter’s work around the issue. The chapter worked with city officials, other community groups, and the Jackson Transit Authority to educate and help people get state identification cards for voting purposes. One of the interesting programs they help set up is providing discounted trips to the department of transportation so people can get ID cards.

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