International Women’s Day – Artist Dina Ruta’s Art Statement

At her booth at the Knoxville Neighborhood Conference yesterday, local Knoxville artist and native of Argentina, Dina Ruta, displayed some amazing works of art celebrating women internationally and in Knoxville. We shared her beautiful work on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and below you’ll find her art statement, where she describes what inspired her to create these works of art:

I’m always reading stories of women of different countries, political inclinations and religions; it is something that calls to me. It is often believed that women did not stand out in the past, but delving into history we can see that we have had a Queen on the Nile (Egypt) Great scientists, writers, musicians, singers, and athletes. I cannot understand why being in 2014 and there are still some places where there is so much oppression toward women. I have been thinking of painting the group “Mothers of Plaza de Mayo” for a long time, a group of mothers and grandmothers looking for children who disappeared during years of political oppression in Argentina. I also wanted to include other women that interested me for their prominent and inspiring lives. My dilemma was that I wanted to paint them in a way that would have them stand out equally. I chose to work mainly with pop art, specifically with Andy Warhol’s style. This allowed me two things; it allowed me to use as many colors as I like and had all the women stand out equally. Not to mention that Andy Warhol was born in the city of Pittsburgh, PA, where I lived for many years. It was in Pittsburgh, in 2009 that the opportunity arose for me to start this project “Tribute to Women”. On the occasion of the G20 summit, held in the city of Pittsburgh, PA, I was invite to be part of the group of artists that exhibited during the summit. The exhibition had a great impact; it was attended by the Argentine ambassador to the USA, with his entourage. A direct transmission to Argentina took place in the opening. The most exciting was when the paleontologist Mary Dowson came to see the exhibition. I had the pleasure of working with her at the Carnegie Museum. I painted her with Mary Cassatt (the only women invited to the impressionist movement, born in Pittsburgh, PA) in a painting I called “Two Mary”.

I will continue working on this project “Tribute to Women” thanking women for making a difference in this world we live in and I will continue doing it through art. This “tribute to Women” is dedicated to the person I most admire, my mom!

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