How to Start a Chapter

By Ann League

Chapters are a primary element to SOCM’s work; they offer community members a place to meet, discuss concerns, and get involved in improving their communities. Chapters are where members can build their knowledge; develop new skills, and where new leaders often emerge. Through working with a chapter, you can work directly on local issues while connecting with members of your community and members across the state.

SOCM chapters can be formed when a group of 15 or more members decide to become a formal part of SOCM and are accepted by the Board. Most chapters are organized as representative of a county, a combination of counties, or a major metropolitan area. Once SOCM’s Board accepts a chapter, it is directly connected to SOCM’s organizational resources, decision-making, and collective responsibilities. Chapters choose their own issues and strategies consistent with SOCM’s goals and vision.

Each chapter elects a representative and alternate to the Board, and chapter members serve in a number of leadership positions including: Chapter Chairperson, Publicity Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Fundraising Chair, and Events Chair.

If you are looking to get active on local issues that affect you and your community contact one of our statewide chapters, or start your own chapter.

Check out the Member Resources section to get useful information on chapter issues and the benefits and responsibilities of a chapter of SOCM, as well as tips to successfully organizing in your communities.

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