Green-Collar Jobs Committee Summer Update

The Green Collar Jobs Committee has worked with the E3 Committee on the AML and POWER Initiative work, with Chapter Co-Chair David Beaty attending the regional summit in April. The Committee is working to plan the joint E3/Green Collar Jobs face-to-face meeting in Cookeville in July. At the meeting, we will overview all the existing projects and structure the committees to work more efficiently. Anyone interested in getting involved with this work is welcome to attend!

Co-Chair Lauren Bush has been attending meetings on the TVA Integrated Resource Plan, serving as a strong spokesperson for strong energy efficiency and renewable energy proposals. She joined Committee members Katie Myers and Jacquelyn Carter at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference in Washington, DC, where they learned about current efforts to build a more sustainable economy. The Committee looks forward to using all this information to build a brighter economic future for Tennessee!

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