SOCM is a member-run organization, meaning that we rely on the determination and work of our members to enact change in our communities. SOCM is always looking for dedicated individuals willing to contribute their time to working for social, economic, and environmental justice. There are a number of ways you can contribute to SOCM’s work, and our volunteer opportunities allow for people with varied schedules and talents to lend their skills to the pursuit of a just Tennessee. In the process, you’ll gain valuable skills, build your resume, make great friends, and help enact change in your community.

Browse the opportunity descriptions below and see what opportunities best match your unique skills and talents.

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Help out at the Knoxville office

Our home office, located in Knoxville, TN, is always looking for people to help out with administrative duties and clerical work, as well as various campaigns throughout the year. You’ll be able to work autonomously or with a group of other volunteers in various tasks that are vital to SOCM’s work.

We also host a monthly volunteer day at the home office featuring free food and drinks. It’s a great way to help SOCM and have a great time. We also have regular opportunities across a number of activities such as:

  • Assisting in mailing campaigns
  • Digitizing our extensive archive of photos and publications
  • Phone banking for Thank-a-Thons and other events
  • Member outreach, legislative work, and more

Use your community organizing skills to support SOCM’s members and organizers

Organizing is what SOCM does. Our members are the backbone of SOCM. Our job is to empower members to take action on issues important to them. Our organizers provide direct support to the members in order to accomplish this. By applying your organizing skills to SOCM’s work, you’re interacting directly in the community to make change possible.

  • Assist in member outreach to the community
  • Represent SOCM at public hearings and other relevant meetings
  • Write and submit public comments
  • Participate in legislative / policy campaigns
  • Research and report writing
  • Track state and federal permitting
  • Strategy development, issue identification, and target mapping

Use your graphic design/photography/videography talents for justice

We are working hard to preserve SOCM’s extensive oral history through video interviews of our membership. Additionally, we hold a variety of events throughout the state and are always open to individuals willing to lend their photography or videography skills to the event. Are you a graphic designer? Help SOCM craft infographics or design logos or graphics for campaigns, committees, or chapters. Utilizing your graphic design, photography, and videography talents to fight for justice in Tennessee can be a great way to showcase your work and build a portfolio while working on issues that matter.

  • Utilize your videography skills to interview members about their SOCM experiences
  • Take your video editing skills to the next level by organizing existing SOCM footage
  • Showcase your photography expertise by taking photos at SOCM events
  • Make cool graphics for SOCM logos, promotional material, campaigns, chapters, and committees
  • Assist with uploading and editing videos and photos on SOCM’s YouTube and Flickr accounts.

Showcase your writing talents

Writing for SOCM gives you the opportunity to showcase your writing while helping to raise awareness on critical issues. We have a numbers of mediums throughout which you can spotlight social, economic, and environmental justice issues, SOCM events, or the work of our membership. From our active blog to our quarterly SOCM Sentinel, your writing will be read by our extensive membership and beyond. By publishing your work with SOCM, you will be able to build a writing portfolio or complement your already expansive work.

  • Become a guest blogger for our blog and highlight critical issues 
  • Act as a citizen journalist and reveal significant problems in your community
  • Publish articles in our regular publications, including our monthly E-News or our quarterly SOCM Sentinel
  • Write posts and tweets for SOCM’s Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and raise awareness of an issue 
  • Use your research skills to produce a white paper for SOCM 
  • Craft press releases, talking points, or memorandums for chapters and committees 

Offer your expertise in IT

Apply your technological talents to the pursuit of justice. Utilizing your breadth of expertise in in information technology, you can add to SOCM’s work. Your skills are invaluable to the pursuit of a just Tennessee, and you can build your experience by working with SOCM

  • Supplement SOCM’s work by keeping SOCM’s infrastructure running
  • Write code for and do upkeep of our website
  • Help us improve our digital presence
  • Digitize our extensive archives of photographs and publications

Recruit members / raise funds

Whether you’re pursuing education in development or non-profit management, you want to put grassroots fundraising into action, or you simply want to ensure that SOCM can continue to fund the fight for communities across Tennessee, your skills can make all the difference.

  • Grassroots fundraise by recruiting members, planning and organizing Chapter and Committee sponsored events, collecting donations by tabling at events, or holding your own event  etc).
  • Assisti in writing grants
  • Talk to and recruit major donors, sustaining (long-term) members and legacy donors
  • Set up crowdfunding and other online funding opportunities
  • Join or Donate and get your friends and family to join or donate 

Donate your used furniture, equipment, or tech

Donating your used furniture, equipment, or technology is a great way to contribute to SOCM’s work while recycling your old stuff and earning deductions for your taxes. From couches to office supplies to used tablets and computers, you can give these objects new life by allowing SOCM to make use of them in the pursuit of justice in Tennessee.

Help out in other ways

Many of us have skills and talents that we love and don’t get to use in our daily lives. We want to engage you in our work at a level you are comfortable with. Don’t see a volunteer opportunity listed about that meshes with your skills and talents? Let us know, and we can find a way to fit them into SOCM’s work. Looking for a more in depth experience? Apply to our internship program. Be sure to fill out our online volunteer form and we will be in touch shortly.