Become A Part of SOCM’s Work For Justice

Membership Categories

  • Youth Membership (17 and under): $5 per year

  • Young Adult (18-24 years old): $15 per year

  • Individual Membership: $20 per year

  • Couple Membership: $35 per year

Make a tax deductable donation to the SOCM Resource Project

Benefits Of Joining SOCM

SOCM is a member-run organization working for social, economic, and environmental justice in Tennessee. By becoming a member of SOCM, your voice joins a force of more than 2,200 members across our state. Joining today means taking the first step in improving your community, but there are also several benefits to membership.

Participate in SOCM’s decisions and elections

As a SOCM member, you have the right to vote to elect chapter and statewide officers, including someone to represent you on the SOCM Board. You also have the right to participate in decisions about what SOCM does in your local area and on a state level. All SOCM members are welcome to attend Board meetings at any time.

Free training opportunities

SOCM members have access to a wide variety of chances to learn, from trainings in local chapters, to SOCM’s Annual Meeting, to workshops on dismantling racism. Opportunities are also available for members to attend conferences and events throughout the U.S. and even outside of the country!

Networking at local, state, and national levels

SOCM members can participate in meetings and campaigns with other concerned residents, through our affiliation with groups like the Alliance for Appalachia, Southern Human Rights Organizers’ Network, and the Community Media Organizing Project.

Access to the SOCM Sentinel and other publications

SOCM publishes a newsletter every three months, sends e-communication updates, provides resources like this handbook, and sends out other important information to members in special mailings. Members can sign up to receive e-communication materials by visiting

Support of your work through SOCM’s organizational resources

SOCM leaders, members, and staff stand ready to advise and support you in changing your community. Some of the ways in which SOCM staff and members can assist you include:

• Helping you plan strategies to win.
• Teaching you how to research a problem.
• Training you to help build your chapter.
• Helping you find resources you need.
• Attending local events and actions in your area.

Selective Reimbursement for SOCM-related travel, meals, and overnight stays

As SOCM is a member-based organization, it is appropriate that members contribute financially in addition to doing volunteer work for the organization. It is SOCM’s intention that no member be hindered from participating in the organization’s activities and provides the following guidelines in the event that a member needs to be reimbursed for expenses associated with doing SOCM work. Be sure to check your membership handbook (which you’ll receive once you become a member) for specific details on the reimbursement policies.

Once you become a member, you’ll have the opportunity to take an active role in SOCM. You can join a Chapter or a Committee. You can also actively assist SOCM in its campaigns, events, and everyday work. As a member you are a direct voice in the direction and future of SOCM, and you decide your level of involvement.