Fighting to Preserve Greenspace in Murfreesboro

In December of 2018, my community was informed that a developer is making plans to tear down a grove of old growth trees to build a 384 town home development.

This 41 acre greenspace is along the popular Cason Trailhead of the Murfreesboro Greenway. Community members immediately went into action to stop the development from happening. This particular greenspace is on private property, currently zoned for 181 single family homes. It was once zoned as a floodplane and potential wetland, there by undevelopable, but that designation had changed. This developer wants to change zoning once again to build a high-end, luxury townhome gated community. The project is currently stalled at the planning commission because of the concerns that the citizens have voiced and a lack of diligence from the developers to meet the needs and demands of both the city and the current residents.

Some of our major concerns are the traffic and safety of the existing community, the careless treatment of the wetland and wildlife, and the overall precedent that a development like this sets for future growth in Murfreesboro.

Thank you to SOCM for coming along side this group and helping us turn passion into action. We have been able to garner media attention, pull together a community petition of over 5000 names, learn about obscure laws and regulations that will make this development less permissible, and organize hundreds of volunteers to show up and stand together against this project. The city of Murfreesboro has admitted to being overwhelmed with the level of support and organization of our community.

We are in the early stages of this fight. This will end up back in front of the planning commission and there is a good chance they will eventually move it onto the city council for a vote.

Our presence must be felt every step of the way. I have been so proud of my neighbors, who are stepping into activism for the first time in their lives. Many haven’t voted in years and are now recognizing the importance of making sure you have a voice in who represents you. You can follow our campaign’s progress on Facebook at Preserve Our Green Spaces.

Mariah Phillips is a Murfreesboro resident, and a leader of the Preserve Our Green Spaces group.