Crab Orchard Landfill Fight

On February 22, 2012, the City Council (mayor and two aldermen) in Crab Orchard were scheduled to vote on whether or not to award a permit to SPC Investments to build a landfill at the site of a current limestone quarry. In a nail-biting moment, the motion to accept the permit for the landfill died for a lack of a second. Over 100 residents came to the meeting and applauded afterwards.

A special thanks goes to Cumberland County Co-Chair Jean Cheely who led this outstanding show of community involvement and engagement. Opponents of the landfill met with officials, held well-attended public hearings, and even went door-to-door collecting signatures against the proposal. A true victory for community organizing and the residents of Crab Orchard. Jean and other SOCM members have been working on opposition to this landfill since it was first proposed in 2009. At that time, the City Council voted down with 90% of Crab Orchard residents opposing it.

There is still talk around the proposed landfill so the Cumberland County Chapter will remain active on the issue and be ready to fight it when it comes up again.

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