SOCM’s youngest issue committee, the Social Justice Committee (SJC) was approved by SOCM’s Board of Directors in January 2013. The committee was formed in in order to broaden the scope of SOCM’s issue work.

Anti-racism is a core value of the SJC and has motivated members of the committee to work on anti-racism projects including a series of public forms on fighting racial stereotyping in local media. The SJC has also worked on issues around overpopulation of prisons, the prevalence of private prisons, restoring felons’ voting rights, voter registration in general and improving access to healthcare.

The SJC provides an outlet for SOCM members to join and orchestrate statewide campaigns that confront vitally important social issues.

The SJC’s current focus is on education justice.

The committee recently launched a long-term statewide campaign in defense of public education. Given the crucial role of public schools in sustaining a democratic society, the SJC is committed to building a broad movement with our allies to push back against inadequate funding, privatization, and attacks on students and teachers’ rights.

Our committee now has two local clusters in Nashville and Knoxville that are taking on local education issues while linking up to craft a statewide strategy.

In 2015, SOCM members joined with allies around the state in defeating a school voucher bill that would have cut more than $70 million from public schools. The SJC group in Nashville and local coalition partners also successfully pushed through a school board resolution mandating higher standards and transparency for privately managed charter schools.

If you would like to get involved in the SJC, email for more information

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