Originating in the coalfield areas of Tennessee, the Strip-Mine Committee was formed to help affected citizens deal with the environmental, economic, and social impacts of strip mining and other destructive mining practices.

Over the years the committee has expanded its scope to include numerous threats to Tennessee’s environment and public health. The Energy, Ecology, and Environmental Justice Committee provides SOCM members with the opportunity to join organize around keeping our water clean, our communities healthy, and our land beautiful.

By joining the committee, you will have the opportunity to join in on strategy sessions for statewide campaigns around a number of issues including pushing for safe practices in extraction, construction, and solid waste disposal.

The E3 Committee currently focuses several issues including:

  • Ending surface mining
  • Reversing water pollution
  • Ensuring proper storage of coal ash and other waste products
  • Working with the Green Collar Jobs Committee to learn more about how citizens can take advantage of the Abandoned Mine Land Fund to heal the problems left by unregulated mining.
  • Vigilantly monitoring the potential threats caused by hydrofracking and nuclear energy, and tracking permits throughout the state to ensure our regulatory agencies are doing their jobs.

If you would like to get involved, make sure you’re a member of SOCM and contact organizer Adam Hughes at 865-249-7488 or adam@socm.org for more information.

Water Testing At Turner Mine
Water Testing At Rogers Branch
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