Statewide Committees

SOCM Committees collections of members dedicated to guiding the organization’s statewide work and internal aspects. Joining a SOCM Committee is a route for members to work on statewide issues. They are perfect for SOCM at-large members who live in an area where a chapter does not yet exist. Chapters and committees work together to address issues statewide and at the local level.

Because membership of committees is often spread throughout the state, meetings are usually held over conference calls, with a face-to-face occurring once every two to three months or as needed.

There are currently three SOCM issue committees that confront statewide issues in Tennessee: the Energy, Ecology and Environmental Justice (E3) Committee, the Green-Collar Jobs Committee (GCJ), and the Social Justice Committee (SJC).

For more information on our statewide committees, click on the corresponding graphic below: